ID Computer Spy

ID Computer Spy 1.2

ID Computer Spy is a top quality spying program,initializing...

ID Computer Spy is a top quality spying program,initializing a profound scanning mechanism, giving you full exact information oneach action done on your PC.

Monitorsall of your Internet actions. ID Computer Spyinforms you regarding each website that has been visited using your PC,and registers web-surfing actions.

RegistersPC activities, monitoring all actions, and programs` usage. Itstores all information regarding launched applications, and runningprograms, letting you be in aware of them and in control at all times.

IDComputer Spy makes records of Keystrokes. These recordings include every key that was used for an application,program, and even Chat Messenger.

Offerslogging activity information. It allows you to seethe printer, clipboard and file access log, and even delivered emailslog. You can choose to pack log files, or to put them underpassword protection.

Allowsyou to delete the log files at any moment. IDComputer Spy also gives you the possibility to program it toautomatically delete them itself.

IDComputer Spy provides an alert monitoring screen. When itmonitors all applications and programs, it lets you know by a warningscreen, and allows you to be in control of all themonitoring actions it takes.

Capturesscreen shots in PING format, and compress them at your request. Together with all of the logging information, you can enable theexport/import option, and have them sent via e-mail.

IDComputer Spy has an easy to use, convenient graphic interface,takes little space on your disk to run, and works simple, fast and withgreat results.

— User reviews — about ID Computer Spy

  • qingdao0216

    by qingdao0216

    "pretty good"

    I cannot wait to say my feeling about using this computer spy. I think it is quite good and besides I have used another... More.

    reviewed on June 16, 2015

  • Emma Evans

    by Emma Evans

    "Is it free to use?"

    Is it free to use? I just downloaded Micro Keylogger. It seems that I have to pay for it. More.

    reviewed on May 28, 2015

  • 100007054064674

    by 100007054064674

    "It is worthy to try."

    It is a top quality spying program, initializing a profound scanning mechanism, giving you full exact information on eac... More.

    reviewed on July 17, 2014